Amusement rides

The leisure industry is the core business of the Company. OCEM has obtained the most important and prestigious results in this sector, managing quickly to become a leader in the construction mostly of rollercoasters. The competencies, the know-how, and the experience maturated in over twenty years guarantee some of the most high quality and reliable products in the worldwide market.


This is witnessed by the customers’ importance – the most prestigious in the leisure industry.


Rollercoasters are structures with extremely complex three-dimensional geometries. These constructions are subjected to fatigue by masses moving at high speeds. It is precisely for this reason that Ocem has over the years perfected the dimensional testing processes, and has designed specific equipment to guarantee the safety and smoothness of the tracks.


We assemble the structures in our facilities and then carry out mechanical testing, so as to ensure the cars run smoothly and without even the slightest vibration.

Some of these rides are transportable, and therefore frequently need to be assembled and disassembled: many more checks are thus needed, and the welding procedures require even more attention, above all because some tracks have particularly tight curvatures to allow compactness and transportability. 

Ferris wheels

Interest in Ferris wheels has grown dramatically in recent years, to the point where today models of considerable size more and more often become icons at temporary events in major cities or stand-alone permanent tourist attractions.

We are suppliers of the world’s leading manufacturers of Ferris wheels. With a full range of portable and self-standing models, we manufacture bearing structures from 30 meters to 100 meters in height, designed according to the strictest quality and safety standards and able to withstand even extreme weather conditions.


Giant wheels represent a challenging type of wheel. The main columns are round-shaped and the rotating structure features fewer spokes (two pods per spoke) so as to increase wind resistance.
Special axles are also used: they guarantee higher resistance to wind and seismic factors.


Revamping service

We offer a revamping service for rides that are obsolete or have reached the end of their operating life

Some key projects in the history of the leisure industry

Flight of Fear Coasters

Kings Dominion theme park in Virginia and King’s Island in Ohio have 2 identical indoor roller coasters called Flight of Fear manufactured by Premier Rides. When they debuted in 1996, they were among the first launched coasters using linear induction motor (LIM) technology instead of a traditional chain lift hill.
Riders catapult from zero to 87 kmph in just 4 seconds and experience a heart-pounding adventure in total darkness through 4 inversions. Each rollercoaster weighs 450 tonnes and stretches over 824 meters of track that exceeds 22 meters in height.

VOLARE Flying Coaster

This Volare model by Zamperla was one of the first flying coasters installed in the USA, with the cars suspended below the track and riders harnessed in a prone position so that their backs are parallel to the ground. The 391-meter long rollercoaster in Elitch Gardens also featured a unique spiral lift and 2 inversions.
Once removed from the park in Denver, the ride was revamped and relocated to Luna Park in Coney Island, New York City as Soarin’Eagle. Since 2011 it has been operating there. 

Sequoia Adventure Coaster

One of only 3 Screaming Squirrel installations from S&S Worldwide, this rollercoaster featured a stunning track folding back on itself by 180 degrees for a total of 6 times, resulting in 3 inversions. The max height of the track was 30 meters.

Galaxy Orbiter Coaster

This family-friendly spinning roller coaster is nearly 460 meters long and takes riders on a wild ride descending from over 13 meters to reach a top speed of 32 kmph while touring the entire indoor park. Adding to the thrills, the 4-person cars spin throughout the ride. The spinning of the cars is uncontrolled depending on the number of passengers, their weights and their positions inside the car, so that each ride becomes a one-of-a-kind experience. When installed back in 1997, Galaxy Orbiter was the first spinning coaster in Canada, and one of the most impactful additions to West Edmonton Mall’s indoor park since its opening in 1985.

Troublesome Trucks Runaway Coaster

This junior coaster is located in the park’s Thomas Land, a family-oriented area based on the Thomas & Friends TV series. The 5-car train twists and turns around the 230-meter-long track, tilting as it speeds around corners before pulling back into the station.

Pony Express Coaster

The first motocoaster by Zamperla to be installed in the United States, this rollercoaster has been designed for families to enjoy together and features uniquely shaped seating. Riders are launched out of the station while reaching a top speed of 61 kmph in less than 3 seconds. They cover a 397-meter route, resulting in an exciting runaway adventure even though with no inversion.

Tony Hawk's Big Spin Coaster

Introduced in 2008 at the Thrill Capital of Texas, 3 years later this spinning coaster was rethemed and changed its name to Pandemonium. Four-rider spin cars plunge and rise at 50 kmph down the over 410-meter track, spinning 360 degrees as they shoot around S-shaped curves, snake through twisted helixes, tackle sudden sharp dips and more. The spinning of each cars is physics-based and independent.


This family-friendly rollercoaster is an El Loco model, standing out for its small footprint and high visibility. Mumbo Jumbo’s 112-degree vertical drop saw it hold the Guinness World Records as the world’s steepest steel rollercoaster from 2009 to July 2011. The track is packed with twists, turns and 2 full inversions, with a max-height of 30 meters and acceleration forces in excess of 4g.

Moto Coaster

A straddle coaster by Italian manufacturer Antonio Zamperla Spa, this steel giant features a 364m track, reaching up to 13 meters in height. The acceleration is surprisingly powerful and the ride experience is very exciting.


The first and only Free Fly model in the world, this family-oriented rollercoaster features 360° longitudinal spinning gondolas, each one with room for up to 8 people arranged 2 across in 4 rows. ‘Hanging’ on either side of the 500-meter-long track, riders get innovative weightless sensations as they travel at speeds of up to 40 kmph.


Awarded a Guinness World Record for the world’s largest Ferris Wheel in an enclosed architectural space in 2012, this 36-cabin Giant Wheel is 50 meters in height and 60 meters in diameter.


Visitors to the E-Da Mall, the first outlet mall in Taiwan, can enjoy an 80-meter Giant Wheel in a unique location: the rooftop of the complex. Including the building underneath it, the attraction reaches a height of 130 meters, which makes it an icon for the mall as well as a modern symbol for the city of Kaohsiung.
The 40-cabin wheel was built to withstand Taiwan’s extreme weather conditions like high levels of humidity, typhoons and earthquakes.


On the occasion of Formula 1’s first ever Grand Prix held in Russia at the Sochi circuit, this Giant Inverted Boomerang model was also opened in the city’s theme park. It’s a shuttle suspended coaster boasting a 367-meter-long track with 3 inversions and a max. speed of 105 kmph. The ride experience also includes climbing 2 vertical spike elements and then plummeting backwards from a height of 54 meters.


Known as La Grande Roue d’Agadir, this tourist attraction was one of the first Ferris wheels in the African continent. Standing at 40 meters high, close to the sea, it provided riders with breath-taking panoramic views of the city and its landmarks as well as the ocean, soon becoming a feature of the city’s skyline and a must-see attraction for both international and local tourists.


Called Rueda de la Fortuna, this 85-meter-tall giant wheel is a new landmark for Mexico City and the highlight of the brand new Parque Urbano Aztlán, an amusement park opened in 2023 on the former site of La Feira de Chapultepec.

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