Customers who have chosen us over the years know that they can rely on us fully, with their orders delivered directly on site and support during the delicate installation operations. Being a supplier to the amusement park industry, as it is an innovative sector, give us the opportunity to stay up-to-date with the most advanced technology.”

Cristiano Marchetti, CEO

Monselice headquarters

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industrial sector and major works

With more than a century of experience in medium-heavy metal structural work, over the last 30 years Ocem has gained a leading role internationally in the construction of complex steel structures for industrial use and major works. We are specialised in the processing, cutting and assembly of tubes measuring up to 1 metre in diameter and 12 metres in length: this is why we are one of the most sought-after suppliers in the amusement rides sector, especially among roller coaster manufacturers. Our staff is highly specialised, and strict quality controls are applied to every stage of production.

We supply our customers with excellent products at the highest possible level, helping contribute to their successes. Backed by our skills and experience, we currently work with the main players in the sector, both nationally and internationally. Our company mission is to support our customers right from the design stage, supporting them with the technologies and skills needed to place innovative and highly competitive products on the market.

Exploiting our know-how acquired in the field, for several years now we have been offering a revamping service for rides that are obsolete or have reached the end of their operating life. This service is intended for park owners who want to renovate their rides in terms of aesthetics or safety, and for relocations. We offer solutions ranging from complete revamping to partial revamping. In the former case, the ride’s structure is completely redesigned and rebuilt based on the new location and the space available. In the latter case, the construction is restructured and improved, removing and replacing any parts that are worn or no longer compliant with the latest safety standards.

Este production site

High quality at low cost, testing of certified raw materials, careful verification and constant updating of our manufacturing processes have guaranteed and continue to guarantee our company’s success. Quality is the objective of every stage of production, from selection of the materials to delivery of the finished product. Our personnel follow pre-defined procedures to improve the level of precision of our processes, and at the same time minimise the possibility of errors.”

Massimo Marchetti, Operations and Safety Manager


Our dedicated team of engineers and assembly technicians handles every stage in the building processes: inspections, surveys, design, risk analysis, construction, installation and final certification.

EN 1090-1 EXC3

Production of steel components for use in construction, extended to execution class EXC3

EN 1090-2

Production of steel and aluminium components for amusement parks and people mover systems

ISO 3834-2

Arc welding of medium-heavy steel structures for amusement parks and mechanical constructions (IAF 17)

UNI EN 15085-2

CL1 level welding

ISO 9001

Supply of metal and medium-heavy structures to customer specifications for amusement parks and mechanical constructions (IAF 17)

Our sites are located in Padova province, specifically in Este (our historical headquarters) and the new site in Monselice. With the acquisition of this new site, the company’s facilities now cover a total area of approximately 50,000 sq.m, with 15,000 sq.m indoors, thus ensuring a higher production capacity. The company employs around 60 people, 40 of whom are skilled assembly and welding operators.

Ocem since its foundation has been managed by the Marchetti family, now in the fourth generation.

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