Some major projects (2015-2022)

Al Janoub Stadium, Al Wakrah (Qatar)

Al Janoub Stadium is a retractable roof football stadium built for the FIFA World Cup 2022. OCEM worked on the steel roof together with the Italian Maeg Costruzioni; more specifically OCEM carried out the cutting and shaping of the 609mm-diameter tubes. The stadium features a design inspired by the sails of traditional Dhow boats.

Azteka Coaster, Le Pal (France)

For the 2021 season the Azteka Coaster was revamped, with new cars and a new 492-meter long track designed and installed by OCEM: the layout and top speed remained the same, but the banking was changed in some sections to make for a smoother ride.

Bobsled Coaster, Prater Vienna (Austria)

Die Gesengte Sau rollercoaster has been operating in Wiener Prater since 2020. A Bobsled Coaster model by Gerstlauer, it is owned by traveling showman Hubert Dostal. OCEM built the columns and the track that is 610 meters long and reaches 25 meters in height.

Boomerang Coaster, Energylandia (Poland)

The Boomerang Coaster at Energylandia theme park was manufactured by Vekoma Rides and opened in 2017. The track is 205 meters long and up to 25 meters high. Riders reach 70 km per hour and experience a 3 G acceleration.

Cobra des Amun Ra Coaster, Belantis (Germany)

Operating since 2015, the Cobra des Amun Ra is a Family Coaster by Gerstlauer located in the Egyptian-themed area of Belantis Theme Park. OCEM built the columns supporting the track that is 360 meters long and 15 meters high.

Fury Coaster, Bobbejaanland (Belgium)

Fury is a triple launch Infinity Coaster by Gerstlauer that has been operating at Bobbejaanland since 2019. OCEM was entrusted with the manufacturing of its columns and track, which is 600 meters long with 2 inversions and reaches 43 meters in height. Riders travel at speeds of 106 kmph.

Grand Huit Coaster, La Récré des 3 Curés (France)

This popular family coaster by Soquet, dating back to 2001 needed a revamping service. In 2014, then the attraction was redesigned and rebuilt, with OCEM manufacturing the track according to the latest safety standards.

Vertika Coaster, La Récré des 3 Curés (France)

Operating since 2020, Vertika is a custom Euro-Fighter Coaster by Gerstlauer. OCEM built the columns supporting the track that is 440 meters long and 31 meters high, featuring 2 inversions and a drop angle of 97°.

Hype Coaster, Särkänniemi (Finland)

The first triple-launch rollercoaster in Scandinavia, this extreme Sky Rocket coaster by Premier Rides has been operating since 2017. OCEM built the 263-meter long, 45-meter high track that boasts 1 inversion and a speed of up to 100 kmph.

Storm - TusenFryd (Norway)

Europe’s first inverted triple launch coaster, Storm was manufactured by Gerstlauer and inaugurated in April 2023. The 560-meter long track, supported by OCEM columns, has 3 inversions. Sitting in floorless cars that are suspended under the track, riders travel at 95kmph, reaching up to 33 meters in height.

Namazu, Vulcania (France)

Debuting in 2021, Namazu is a Multi Dimension Launch Coaster model by Intamin, customized for the French theme park. OCEM built the columns of the track which is 584 meters long and up to 16 meters high. Maximum speed is 69 kmph.

Magic Mountain, Gardaland (Italy)

The very first permanent rollercoaster in Italy (1985), it was manufactured by Vekoma. In 2017 the ride was fully revamped, thus becoming Shaman. OCEM was responsible for creating the 3D relief model of the track, disassembling and assembling it once again with the new theming.

University Hospital, Odense (Denmark)

At 250,000 sqm, Odense University Hospital (OUH) is Denmark's largest hospital. Construction took 4 years (2019 to 2022) and was carried out by the Italian company Tecnostrutture. OCEM was charged with the cutting and shaping of a large number of tubes used in this project.

People Mover, Bologna station-airport (Italy)

The Marconi Express people mover system, built by Intamin Transportation in 2020, connects the Bologna railway station in the city center to the airport in only 7 minutes. Travelling on an elevated route (5 kilometers of rails by OCEM) without interference with road traffic, passengers enjoy their trip in comfortable, fast and clean electric shuttles.

S. Giorgio Bridge, Genova (Italy)

Ponte San Giorgio, designed by Italian architect Renzo Piano, was inaugurated in 2020. It is over 1 km long and has glass barriers that provide views of the surrounding valley and mountains. A technological marvel, it features 2 robots that survey the entire underside of the deck: they move on tracks, built by OCEM, mounted on either side of the parapet.

La Grande Roue d’Alger (Algeria)

40 meters tall, this Ferris wheel is located by the sea in Mohammadia, very close to Algiers. It offers breathtaking views over the capital city and the shore. It features 26 air-conditioned gondolas and a VIP cabin. This tourist attraction was manufactured by Italian company Fabbri Group, with OCEM playing a major role in the project.

MarinaEye, Istanbul (Turkey)

Just outside the ViaSea theme park on the Turkish coast near Istanbul, stands a large observation wheel by Fabbri Group which looks out to the sea. The attraction and the theme park are part of a 1.5-billion-dollar complex called Viaport Marina, also including a mall, an aquarium and an entertainment center.

Desmo Race, Mirabilandia (Italy)

A Spike Coaster model by Maurer Rides, this interactive dueling coaster was installed at the Mirabilandia park in Ravenna in 2019. The 2 parallel tracks, each about 550 meters long, were built by OCEM. Riders sit in cars recalling 2-seater bikes, and can control braking and acceleration.

The Oath of Kärnan Coaster, Hansa Park (Germany)

The Oath of Kärnan is a hypercoaster by Gerstlauer with a 73-meter-high and 1,235-meter-long track. The ride’s unique elements include a reverse free fall in the dark during the vertical lift from over 60 meters at speeds of more than 11mps. OCEM built all the columns that make up the rollercoaster frame.

Thrill Towers, PortAventura World (Spain)

The twin 55-meter-tall drop towers in the PortAventura resort’s Ferrari Land park reward riders with breathtaking positive and negative G-force sensations. USA-based S&S Worldwide is the manufacturer of the dual attraction. OCEM supplied the air tank as well as pressure items.

Ronde des Rondins Coaster, Fraispertuis City (France)

This family coaster is a Tivoli model by Zierer and it was opened at the French park in 2014. In 2021 OCEM was in charge of the ride’s retracking.

Viking Voyage Water Ride, Emerald Park (Ireland)

This Interlink Superflume opened in 2017. It features 3 lift hills, 2 turntables, 2 forward and a backward drop. OCEM manufactured the conveyor system that transports the 12 Viking ship-shaped boats to the top of each lift before the final 12-meter-tall plunge down into the splash pool.

Wakala Coaster, Bellewaerde Park (Belgium)

A custom family coaster by Gerstlauer, Wakala opened in the Canada section of the Belgian theme park in 2020. OCEM manufactured the ride columns as well as the 660-meter long, up to 21-meter high track, which also includes a vertical spike element.

Family Coaster, Land of Legends Theme Park (Turkey)

Family Coaster debuted in 2018 in the Adventure Land section of the Antalya theme park. The ride is a Gerstlauer model, with the 360-meter track built by OCEM.

Electric Eel Coaster, SeaWorld San Diego (USA)

This multi-launch coaster with a unique shuttle design has a 263-meter long track packed with high-energy twists, electrifying loops and one inversion. Launched in 2018, it’s a Sky Rocket II model by US manufacturer Premier Rides and it hits 100kmph. OCEM was entrusted with the building of the rollercoaster structure.

HangTime Coaster, Knott’s Berry Farm (USA)

The first dive coaster in California, and the one with the steepest drop (96°) in the state, HangTime is a custom Infinity Coaster by Gerstlauer. It towers 46 meters over the park’s Boardwalk area showcasing a 670-meter long track with 5 gravity-defying inversions, such as a corkscrew, a cobra roll and a negative-G stall loop.

Steampunk Coaster Iron Bull, Shima Spain Village (Japan)

From 2004 to 2015 Bullfight Roller Coaster Matador by Sansei Technologies was in operation at the Japanese park. In 2016 OCEM was charged to fully retrack the indoor rollercoaster. Iron Bull is the result of the revamping. Riders travel along 490m of dark track at speeds exceeding 50 kmph.

Merlin’s Mayhem Coaster, Dutch Wonderland (USA)

The first and only suspended coaster at the popular Pennsylvania park, this attraction by S&S Worldwide targets kids and families and offers an intense journey with a 400-meter-long track featuring an over 18-meter-tall first hill, twists, turns, near-misses and lots of fun. The rollercoaster structure was created by OCEM.

Mystery Mine, Dollywood (USA)

This custom Euro-Fighter model manufactured by Gerstlauer features a 550-meter track that travels through an abandoned coal mine. Uncertain encounters and amazing maneuvers await, including a hair-raising 95-degree, 26-meter vertical drop that plunges into darkness. OCEM was among the companies involved in this project, carrying out the assembly of the columns.

Steel Curtain Coaster, Kennywood (USA)

Reaching 67 meters at its highest point, the steel structure of this hypercoaster by S&S Worldwide serves as a landmark to the Pennsylvania park. Riders travel through over 1,200 meters of track at speeds exceeding 122kmph, and experience a cool 9 inversions, including a corkscrew at 60m above the ground. OCEM built the ride’s walkways.

Tigris Coaster, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay (USA)

Launched in 2019, Tigris catapults riders through an exhilarating array of looping twists with forward and backward motion, breath-taking drops, a 46-meter skyward surge, and an inverted heartline roll, all at top speeds of 100kmph. The 550-meter-long track has been designed by Premier Rides to mimic the awe-inspiring agility of a tiger.

Phobia Phear Coaster, Lake Compounce (USA)

Operating since 2016 at the Connecticut theme park, this launched coaster is a Sky Rocket II model from Premier Rides. It is 263 meters long and features one inversion at a height of 46 meters, plus 3 LSM launches of increasing intensity, reaching speeds of over 100 kmph. Cars are fitted only with lap bars and they travel both forwards and backwards.

Monster Coaster, Adventureland (USA)

The first Gerstlauer Infinity Coaster in America, this steel giant boasts a 760-meter-long track that was manufactured by OCEM, with a 41-meter-high, beyond-vertical drop at an angle of 101 degrees, followed by 5 inversions. Riders spin through upside-down loops, banked curves, twists, stall loops, and corkscrew turns. Speeds reach up to 105kmph.

Tantrum Coaster, Six Flags Darien Lake (USA)

This Euro-Fighter model by Gerstlauer opened at the New York state theme park in 2018. The 380-meter long track by OCEM features a 30-meter lift at a 90-degree angle, a 97-degree beyond vertical drop and 3 inversions snaking through the structure at speeds of 84 kmph.

Dueling Dragons, Guangzhou Sunac Land (China)

Inaugurated in 2019, this LSM Triple Launch Coaster by Intamin has a layout in which 2 dragon-themed trains (one suspended and one sit-down) are dueling each other. OCEM built the tracks, which have a max. height of 56 meters and a length of 790 meters and 830 meters respectively.

London Loop Coaster, Global Village Dubai (UAE)

Operating since 2017, London Loop Shuttle coaster at Global Village Dubai is a Family Boomerang Rebound model by Vekoma with a 205-meter long track that reaches 23 meters in height. The ride combines high speed (60kmph) and low-to-the-ground thrills that culminate in a backwards section.

Paradise Fall Coaster, Sun World Danang Wonders (Vietnam)

Paradise Fall is a launched straddle coaster manufactured by Intamin and it opened in 2021. The track reaches a height of 14 meters and a length of 377 meters. Top speed is 58 kmph.

Lightning Speed, Sun Tzu Cultural Park (China)

An S&S Worldwide Compressed Air Launch Coaster, this ride features a stunning 930-meter-long track and hits a max height of 60 meters. The track also includes an inversion (a dive loop). The coaster opened in 2020.

The Green Hornet Coaster, Motiongate Dubai (UAE)

Located in the park's Sony Pictures Studios zone and themed around the Green Hornet movie, this rollercoaster is a Bobsled model by Gerstlauer. The track is 390 meters long and up to 16 meters high. OCEM was entrusted with the building of the ride's columns.

Magma Blast Tower, Doha Quest (Qatar)

Installed in 2021 in Qatar’s first indoor theme park, this 12-seater Shot & Drop tower by S&S Worldwide still holds a record: at 56.4 meters, it is the tallest indoor drop tower in the world. OCEM carried out the assembly of the attraction.

Family Coaster, Viaport Marina Theme Park (Turkey)

This family coaster by Intamin was inaugurated in 2015 at Korsan Adasi (Pirate Island) theme park, part of the Viaport Marina shopping & entertainment complex near Istanbul. The track is 580 meters long and up to 20 meters high, while the top speed is 70 kmph.
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