Four generations of
iron working mastery

Ester Raimondo Marchetti

Ester Raimondo Marchetti opened the family machine shop in Este (Padova province), dealing with metal constructions for private and public buildings and for agricultural machinery. In 1966 he became a Knight of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic, and in 1973 a Knight of the Order of Vittorio Veneto.

Oreste Marchetti

Oreste, Ester’s son, continued the metal working business together with his children, specialising in construction, sales and service of agricultural machinery.

The third generation

Oreste’s sons began specializing in three different yet complementary sectors: Saverio was responsible for the agriculture-food sector, building equipment for grain storage and handling; Elio continued with sales and service of agricultural machinery; Antonio and Cesare extended the metal construction business to include manufacturing for the electromechanical and food sectors.

Cesare Marchetti

Cesare founded OCEM, a company specialising in the medium-heavy steel construction sector. The company began manufacturing structures for the amusement park rides industry.


New site in Este

OCEM opened a new factory in Este, on a total area of 11,000 sqm, with 4,000 sqm indoors, and with around 20 workers and office staff.


Cristiano Marchetti

Cristiano, a mechanical engineer and Cesare’s eldest son, joined the company. He recognised that OCEM had the experience and potential to excel in the leisure industry. He decided to focus on the construction of amusement park rides, channelling investments into achieving the highest levels in terms of quality and safety.


International certifications

The first ISO 9001 international certification attested the quality of the company’s steel processing. OCEM became an established supplier on the world market.

Massimo Marchetti

Massimo, an architect and Cesare’s second son, also joined the company, in the role of Operations Manager and Safety Manager.

Further certifications

In the space of just a few years, OCEM achieved further important international certifications for its welding quality and safety management system. In 2010 it obtained ISO 3834 certification, and ISO 18001 certification in 2013. In 2014 it also completed ISO 1090 certification, specifically for amusement parks and transport.

New site in Monselice

To meet market demand, OCEM expanded its manufacturing capacity by acquiring a new site in Monselice, covering approximately 30,000 sqm, with 10,000 sqm indoors. The company’s workforce now counted around 70 professionals, including 18 qualified welders, licensed in accordance with EN 287, as certified by TÜV Munich.

The present day

The OCEM production sites currently manufacture medium-heavy structural work for the oil & gas, food, environment and machine tool sectors. The leisure industry, however, still remains the driver: the Marchetti family business has become a world leader in the supply of structures for rides and attractions, in particular roller coasters and Ferris wheels.

OCEM is the ideal partner for companies that want to compete on the global market, thanks to its investments in the development of technological know-how.

OCEM operates in different industrial sectors as partners to many professional companies, taking on qualitative challenges at the highest level. The company has also developed IT applications for the acquisition of data used to analyse the performance of processes, striving for continuous improvement in the quality of the services offered.

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